Old Wood Birdhouses! Built solid!
These are a step up from my last batch, featuring real metal and ceder shingles!

#1 – $15 – Hanging birdhouse. Removable back panel with two screws.
#2 – $30 – Four in one. Both sides have two removable panels for easy cleaning. screwdriver required. if you want hinges it’s extra.
#3 – $15 – Removable back panel with two screws.
#4 – $20 – Tin fish scale shingles (sharp edges though). one side is removable with four screws. The roof will weather nicely.
#5 – $15 – Beautiful ceder shingles that won’t fall off! removable bottom with four screws.

All birdhouses are built solid! No glue. Taking custom orders and batch discounts. Willing to consider offers and trades.

If you’re interested in purchasing, simply leave a comment with your email field (in the special field) and I’ll contact you!


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